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-*o*096yThis page holds hints from Lost in the order they were given (via twitter).

(Symbols on floor near track3)
[posted by Lost via Twitter]
HINT: Digital logic- consider the mathematical functions implied by the types of gates represented, not simply as taking boolean values

(Look for a KISS in the program)
[Posted by Lost via Twitter]
HINT: If you can read the "kiss"- ask an older person or fans of the Mighty Boosh- I'm old greggg!

(Goons aren't always your friend...)
[Posted by Lost via Twitter]
HINT: there are LOTS of people creating FAKE clues. Like most of the red shirt goons :) If it's not elegant, it's not me ;)

(Getting more Information)
[Posted by Lost via Twitter]
HINT: there are Z badges floating around the conference.....

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-time_pad )
[Posted by Lost via Twitter]
Hint : if you have passed a card to z and are stuck- you are now dealing with a OTP. And you have the key

(Look toward ghosts)
[Posted by Lost via Twitter]
Hint: The eyes on the bottom of the pages are used against the page numbers for decoding...

(Look at the booklet)
[Posted by Lost via Twitter]
The otp info you are looking for is in the program. [Eureka] (Program is referring to the booklet you get at REG).

(TBD - Big Letters?)
[Posted by Lost via Twitter]
If I SPEAK about the TRACKS that BIG foot left, I might break the LETTEr of the law.